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Blog Names Can Be Cute in Different Ways

There are various types of blog names that may be regarded as cute and if this is the naming strategy you want, you should choose an appropriate style that resonates with your blog’s audience.

Something that’s cute to one person may not have the same appeal to another, so it’s important to understand who you’re trying to reach and what appeals to them.

Although the standard interpretation of the word ‘cute’ may be in a girly ‘fluffy bunny cute’ kind of way, there are alternative uses and names may be cute in a number of ways.

Here are 4 options to create a cute name that’s catchy and memorable.

1. Fluffy Bunny Cute

Young bloggers normally prefer names that are cute in the literal sense. These names can be easier to create as they simply use words that inherently convey a sense of cuteness on their own (ie. bunny), or when combined with another word (ie honey bunny). While cleverly cute names require a bit of thinking to appreciate its qualities, ‘fluffy bunny’ cute names rely more on the visualization of the words and their associated meanings to produce the cuteness.

2. Cleverly Cute

Some names are cute because they’ve been created from clever word play that produces a witty or quirky meaning, which resonates with its intended audience. For example, the blog Fashoenista has a cool name that is made by blending the word ‘shoe’ into the word ‘fashionista’, which results in a name that instantly communicates that the blog is an authority on fashionable footwear.

3. Sweet & Cute

There are lots of great blog names that are really sweet and cute but not in the ‘pink bunny’ way. In general, they tend to be girly and incorporate a bit more meaning than the cute blog names adopted by kids and teens. The sweetness of these names may be literal when used for foodie blogs such as using ‘A Slice of Heaven’ as the name for a cake and desserts blog, or they may have more uniquely cute and sweet qualities like ‘Purse Pixie’ or ‘Curls n Pearls’.

4. Funnily Cute

You can never go wrong with funny and amusing names if you’re able to come up with one that successfully resonates with your audience and suits the content and tone of your blog. Some funny names may be haha funny and comical, but some of the most effective ones combine cuteness with a bit of humour to be catchy and memorable. For example, the food blog ‘Chubby Hubby’ certainly has a ring to it, and while you wouldn’t say it is particularly funny per se, it works because it is amusingly cute.

Many Ways to be Cute

At the end of the day, the word cute may be used to refer to a name that’s creatively cool, clever, witty or just simply awesome because it connects with its audience perfectly.

When you’re deciding on an appropriate approach in making your blog’s name cute, make sure you sit back and reflect about what your readers will find cute and not just what you think.