Security Names: 450+ Best Security Company Names

Security Names: The security company names for you!

You want your security company to be named so you stand out from your competitors. After all, if you want to grow your business, you need to make sure you can be found when a customer is looking for a security company.


Our branding experts had a detailed review of some of the best security names around to recommend you some security company names. Thinking of a catchy business name is very important, but keep in mind that this is a very sensitive industry.

One of the most essential things is that security company names should sound like surveillance, being monitored, and protected. So, how to name your security business? Try to choose a short, simple name that reflects the services you offer.

Security Company Name Ideas

Here are some creative, cool, and modern security names:

  • ShieldGuard Security
  • Fortress Security Solutions
  • Sentinex Protection Services
  • Vigilant Defense Systems
  • SecureShield Security
  • Guardian Force Security
  • IronGate Security Solutions
  • SafeHaven Security Services
  • DefendTech Security
  • Sentinel Secure Solutions
  • ApexGuard Security
  • SecureNet Defense
  • Fortify Security Services
  • Vigilance Protection Group
  • SecurePath Security
  • Stronghold Security Solutions
  • SafeZone Security Services
  • EliteWatch Security
  • IronWall Defense Systems
  • Citadel Security Solutions
  • ArmoredGuard Protection
  • SecureSentry Services
  • ProtectLink Security
  • ShieldMaster Security
  • VigorSecure Solutions
  • Fortitude Security Services
  • IronClad Defense Systems
  • GuardianEye Security
  • SafeZone Fortress
  • DefenseLine Security
  • SecureHaven Solutions
  • SentinelElite Security
  • StrongArm Protection Services
  • SecurePath Guardian
  • IronShield Security
  • ProtectEdge Solutions
  • GuardianVigil Security
  • SafetyNet Defense Systems
  • SecureHaven Watch
  • VigilantArm Security
  • IronCore Protection
  • FortressLink Security
  • ShieldPro Security Solutions
  • SentinelDefend Services
  • SecureTech Defense
  • GuardWatch Security
  • IronGate Protection
  • CitadelArm Security Solutions
  • SafeZoneDefend Services
  • SentinelSecure Fortress
  • 360 Surveillance
  • A To Z Security
  • Absolute Security
  • Access Denied
  • Advanced Security Solutions
  • Arrow Surveillance
  • Alarm Security Associates
  • Algae Security
  • Armada Security Group
  • Aspire Surveillance
  • Axis Inc
  • Black Eagle Surveillance
  • Blocked Attacks
  • Bodyguard Plus
  • Stable Secure Company
  • Careful Watchers
  • Castle Security
  • Cheetah Patrol
  • Complete Control
  • Complete Patrol
  • Comprehensive Control
  • Danger Managed
  • Eagle Eye Watchers
  • Eagle Surveillance
  • Elite Security
  • Empire Surveillance
  • Ensure Secure
  • Eric’s Surveillance
  • Eye on Security
  • Eyes Everywhere
  • Falcon Security
  • The Guardians
  • High Security
  • Human Wall
  • Laser Security
  • Mayer Group
  • The May Guard
  • Mercury Patrol
  • Metro Watch
  • Minotaur Security
  • Peace of Mind
  • Precision Patrol

Naming your security business is one of the most important steps for stepping into the security businesses as it will make your firm stand out in the heavily crowded industry. You cannot use humor, and rhyming words in this industry.

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A good way to choose a security company name that is creative and catchy is searching through internet. This is a list of some of the best security company names from around the world.

Security Company Names

These are the best security company names for you:

  • Pro Security Squad
  • Protected Guard
  • Protection and Trust
  • Protective Services
  • Safe And Secure
  • Safety and Trust
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Scrutinize Systems
  • Secure Solutions
  • Security Arrangements
  • Security Insured
  • The Security Plus
  • Shields for Contract
  • Smart Patrol
  • Squad Security Goals
  • Static Surveillance
  • Sure Security
  • Surveillance Group Inc.
  • Surveillance Today
  • Systematic Security
  • Tech Gladiator
  • The House Guard
  • The Shield Agency
  • The Watchdogs
  • Tower Security
  • Video Insight Inc.
  • Watchful Eyes
  • Watchmen Patrol
  • Pentagon Security Agency
  • Proficient Security Ltd
  • Rapid Action
  • Royal Security Agency
  • Safety Zone Security
  • Signal Security
  • Silent Guard
  • Sloan’s Security Service
  • Smarter Security
  • Source Security Services
  • Stallion Security
  • Tarsier Security Agency Inc.
  • Taurus Protection Agency
  • Title Security Agency
  • Trust Guard Security

You also need to take into account how catchy your new name will be, how it will fit with your brand identity, and even how similar it is to other security company names.

These things are just as important as the name itself, so you’ll also want to do some research into how to come up with great security company names before you settle on a single winning name.

Cool Cyber Security Names

Following are the coolest cyber security names:

  • Advanced Security Solutions
  • Affirmed Security
  • Data Lock
  • Dependable Security
  • Eagle Surveillance
  • Emergency Alert Security
  • Assurance Security
  • Assured Security
  • Assured Solutions Security
  • Be Alert Security Services
  • Be Secure Home Watchers
  • Best Patrol Services
  • Blue Light Night Patrol
  • Secure Patrol Service
  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Criminal Watch Security
  • Crown Security
  • Air Guard
  • Armed and Ready
  • Danger Alert Security
  • Dependable Security Company
  • Dispatch Security
  • Dove Communication Surveillance
  • Eagle Eye Video
  • Emergency Security Services
  • Eric’s Surveillance
  • Evergreen Security
  • Eyes 360
  • Feel Secure Company
  • First Digital Surveillance
  • First Source Security
  • Freeze Frame Video

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Cyber Security Company Names

Here are some good cyber security company names:

  • Guaranteed Security
  • Hidden Eye Security Systems
  • Hidden Lock Security
  • Hidden Safe
  • Home lock Systems
  • Homeward Bound Security
  • Invincible Security
  • King Security
  • Lifeguard Security
  • Lighthouse Security
  • Lighthouse Patrol Service
  • Lightning Rent-a-Guard
  • Lock & Load
  • Metro Watch
  • Mind-at-Ease Home Watchers
  • Moonshine Security
  • Motion Way Security
  • Neighborhood Watch Patrol
  • Net Cams
  • Night Guards Security
  • Night Owl Patrol Services
  • Night Owl Services
  • Night Patrol Security
  • Night Prowlers Security
  • Night Troopers Security
  • Nova Tech
  • On Your Mark Security
  • On-Demand Patrol
  • Owl Eye Security

Home Security Company Names

These are modern home security company names:

  • Patrol Protection Connection
  • Peace of Mind
  • Precision Security
  • Priority Guard
  • Priority ONE Security
  • Private Eye Security
  • Private Guards Security
  • Red Light Security
  • Reliable Security
  • Rent-a-Guard Security Services
  • Rest Assured Security
  • Safe and Sound Security
  • Safeguard Security Systems
  • Safehouse Security
  • Safety On Demand
  • Safety Surveillance
  • Safety Vision
  • Sailor Security
  • Secure Assist Night Guards
  • Secure Home Watch
  • Secured Safety Patrol
  • Security Anywhere
  • Security Plus
  • Security Safe
  • Siren Home Security
  • Static Surveillance

Names of Security Companies In USA

Here are US based security companies name ideas:

  • Neighborhood Watch
  • Strongarm Security Partners
  • Sundial Security
  • Sundown Security
  • Super Surveillance
  • Super Troopers Patrol
  • Superior Security
  • Surveillance Shop
  • Surveillance Super Center
  • Task Force Security
  • Technic Electric Video
  • The Protection Connection
  • The Video Experts
  • Thousand Eyes Security
  • Three Alarm Security
  • Total Security
  • Triple A Security
  • Triple Threat Security
  • Urban Patrol
  • Very Video Surveillance
  • Video Insight Inc.
  • Video Miami
  • Vigilante Neighborhood Watchers
  • Watchdog Security Services
  • Wide Area Video
  • Xtreme Video & Security

Security Team Names

These are the best security team names:

  • Bit Lords
  • The Epic Team
  • Python’s Got Ping
  • Cookie Army
  • Purple Bit Logic
  • Debug Thugs
  • Imagery of Markup
  • Byte System
  • The Tag Ends
  • Pandora Reboot
  • Plug Mind Configuration
  • Data Poltergeists
  • Binary Tree Nodes
  • Debug Starts Here
  • Monad Army
  • Entropy Crusade
  • Avengers
  • Soldiers
  • Tech Warriors
  • The Barbarians
  • The Firing Squad
  • The Frontline
  • Night Dogs
  • The Epic Byte
  • Loader Logic
  • The Link Clowns
  • Geek Navi Hex
  • Compiler Charisma
  • Profiler Divas
  • Hat Static
  • Geek Navi Hex
  • Soul Celestia
  • Imagery of Markup
  • Flow Bit Theory
  • The Hip Trojans
  • Pings with Things
  • Hat Static
  • Grep Tribe
  • Byte Hogs
  • Grey Cell Interface
  • Hack Elite
  • White Hats
  • Did It All for the Cookies
  • Bro Code

Surveillance Business Name Ideas

Following are surveillance business name ideas:

  • Aries Security Agency
  • Blue Breed Security
  • Centurion Security
  • Commissionaires
  • Concord Security
  • Covenant
  • Crime Watch
  • Deep Security
  • Defensor Fortis Security
  • Eagle Matrix Security Agency
  • EMS Security Services
  • Epic Security
  • Falcon Guard
  • They Awake Guardian
  • Our Honor
  • King Henry Security
  • Lock Brothers
  • Marasigan
  • Master Security
  • Men in Blue
  • Menlo Security
  • Metallic Security Agency
  • Mi-7 Security Agency
  • Nice and Secure
  • Northern Security Services
  • OM Security Company

G4S claims itself as “the world’s leading global security and outsourcing group,” specializing “in outsourcing of business processes in sectors where security and safety risks are considered a strategic threat.” Following is the industry overview.

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How to Create Security Company Names?

Let’s give you the best techniques for creating a security business name for your firm.

Try To Be Relevant

Your name should represent surveillance, intelligence, watchfulness, command, and control be relevant to the industry.

Security guards, security systems and home security are some relevant topics to be considered while choosing your security company names.

Learn From Your Competitors

Who is your biggest rival in the home security businesses or the security industry? Know the top security names by looking at the brands.

You can learn many things such as their weakness. Try to excel in the areas where they lack. Know your potential customers.

Convey Your Brand Message

Convey your brand message clearly whether you are working on cloud security, home security or own a private security company. What are your goals and targets? See some corporate security firms and curate a good brand tagline.

Choose A Simple Yet Attractive Name

Simple, short, memorable and easy to pronounce words are always better than complex words.

Security, safety, protection, guard, watchmen would be your catchwords.

Consider Local SEO

If you are a security firm focusing on a specific area, you should go for local SEO. There are plenty of modern techniques that will help you in getting on the top of Google results.

Check Out The Domain Name

It’s one of the important things as all your online clients will come to your website. Try to get the exact firm name domain with a .com tld. Get a good server or web host and get things online.

Try Security Company Name Generator

There are plenty of security business name generator that would help you create thousands of naming ideas when you entered your keyword.

This option is just to get ideas where you choose one from them. Experts find it the least valuable as we have suggested you the best cyber security company names.

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What are your thoughts on this topic? Let’s know if you have anything to add to this blog!

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