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A really cute name can play a massive role in helping any blog to gain the attention of its targeted audience, attract more visitors, make it easier for people to remember what its called, and tell their friends about it.

Most of all, it will appeal to the readers who you’re trying to reach if you make sure the name is relevant and meaningful, as well as being pretty.

Finding an awesomely cool name that’s perfect for your new baby blog, girly personal blog or any kind of site can be quite a challenge though, especially if you’re not very creative.

How to Get a Cute Blog Name

Lots of bloggers want a cutesy name, but most of them end up choosing one that’s boring, or sounds common and similar to tons of other blogs. This is because they don’t spend time to learn enough about naming techniques, and what it takes to come up with a great name.

There are lots of ways to get inspiration for your blog’s name. You can get ideas from the names of other blogs, ask for suggestions from other Internet users, or invite your friends to share their opinions.

Before brainstorming to generate a list of potential names, take a look at the articles and resources provided in CuteBlogNames first, as there are plenty of free blog naming tips, ideas and examples to get your started.

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